Michael Wood’s Pars player of the Season so far

Andrew Geggan

The defensive midfielder attracted criticism last season – however, he was not the only one – for his languid displays in a disjointed midfield four that was illogical on paper never mind the pitch. There were loud discussions on the usual outlets that this was likely his last year in a Pars top unless he could replicate the Captain Fantastic of old. He did, he has been exceptional in this campaign whether it has been in his usual role in front of the back four or the occasional runouts at right back.

His ability to sniff out an interception is only rivalled by the Basset Hound and has allowed those in front of him to play with freedom, knowing if the opposition were to bypass them that the former Ayr United star was there to deal with it.

His role in the recently spat of six clean sheets in the league – which is a club record – may have gone unnoticed as he went around with his solid and cliched seven out of 10 performances week in and week out. However, he was vital to that spell in which the majority of clubs had to settle for long range shots as Geggan had slowed their pace right down to a manageable speed.

The other reason I plumbed for the Glasgow-born ball winning midfielder is because of his ability to score from set pieces – An option that the Pars have been unable to get right so far. Geggan has nodded in the only two goals that have come from corners and it does not stop there. He also scored the vital goal at Somerset Park to knock Ayr United out of the Scottish Cup.

You can follow @MichaelWood_SJ on Twitter.


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