Aaron Dougan’s Pars player of the season so far

My player of the season is Michael Moffat.

Last season, he had the added pressure of being League One’s top scorer while at Ayr United but was also taking the step up to full-time football for the first time in his career.

I believe he is the team’s most creative influence and all though he does not score at the same rate as he did for the Honest Men, he continues to excel in bringing those around him into the mix.

in my opinion, the biggest realisation of this is the success of his strike partner, Faissal El Bakhtaoui, who is enjoying the unselfishness of the ex Girvan centre forward.

The additions of Joe Cardle and Michael Paton – alongside the emergent Shaun Byrne – has reduced the pressure on Moffat to create and I feel has meant that he is able to operate at a higher level, as shown by his increased goal tally and in game intelligence.

In short, the team looks worse when he is not on the pitch and does not create the same quality chances.

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