TN10Y Parscast 2016/17

18 months ago, I pressed ahead with the concept of creating a Dunfermline Athletic Podcast and accompanying that with a football blog. The reason for this was relatively straight forward. I am a student Sports Journalist, and the Pars are the team that I support. This allows me to marry my two passions together and while it looks good on the CV for when I graduate University, it is more than that to me. I enjoy doing this, as do my fellow pundits on the Podcast.

I want to thank everyone who has listened this season, and we look forward to welcoming you back for next season when we start again in the middle of June.

Now I am not going to ask much of our listeners and followers, but it would be appreciated if we could get some feedback for what you want to hear on the show.

Whether it be the duration of the shows or the frequency of them, currently we aim for an hour a week, but maybe you want more or less. Perhaps you would rather us talk about other topics surrounding the East Enders. We are open to ideas and would not dismiss anything that we feel is sensible and adds to the show.

If you like what we are doing and listen through Itunes a sentence rating and review goes a long way, believe me. Also, tell a friend who may be interested and has not found us yet. Whether that be retweeting or share through facebook, the bigger the audience to create and debate is what we to achieve, it is not about money making, we do not make a single penny from this pursuit. It is all about our friendship and common bond of supporting our local side.

Finally, if anyone can or knows somebody can create us a logo, that would be appreciated, my handiwork has done the job so far but looks less than polished and professional.

You can follow @MichaelWood_SJ on Twitter.


2 thoughts on “TN10Y Parscast 2016/17

  1. The feature a couple of episodes ago on the Airdrie General Manager was very good. A few of those mixed in would be good to hear about clubs taking a different approach.


    • Thanks, Neil.

      We do want to try and vary the programming up and enjoyed doing features on different clubs that the Pars will face this season.


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