Four things we learned about: Dunfermline Athletic v Greenock Morton

1) He is the hero Dunfermline deserves, but not the one it needs right now

Conor Duthie was signed as a striker, made his debut as a left midfielder and has been a make shift right back. It is a story similar to that of Callum Paterson, and like the towering Jambo, he is very good going forward, as seen with the Ronaldo chops in successive games. While he is unlikely to make his home on that side of the defence, he has proven himself to take the step up from the U20s and will be a valued member of the first team after Christmas.

2) Pear-shaped formation

Think of the fruit upside down and how it gets more narrow as you get to the stem. That appears to be the shape in which Athletic are playing at times. Kallum Higginbotham and Paul McMullan go in to out rather than out to in as wingers should do. This congests the middle of the park and makes it difficult to stretch teams by having the wide midfielders on the sidelines. It becomes too easy to play against and is something the manager should look at rectifying, as it shows in the team’s lack of chance creation.

3) I see said the blind man

Far too often the Pars players do not look at where they are booting the ball up the pitch. I can understand elevating pressure by shifting the play away from your own 18-yard box, but some of the time it is not a case of that. It is just looking to get rid and try and counter as fast as possible. This is fine. However, it rarely works and shows in Greenock Morton’s 60% possession in the game.

4) Attack is the best form of defence

Ton’s goal came purely from disorganisation in the area. Three players went out to mark the winger while the back door was left open for a runner to exploit the space exposed. A lucky bounce of the ball seen Jim Duffy’s men get back into the game when they did not deserve it. Nat Wedderburn’s introduction provided a much needed composed head in the middle of the park as he went to attack every ball that was there to be won and helped move the ball on to the playmakers.

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