New signing – la, la, la

Club93 Clothing is sponsoring TN10Y in a mutually beneficial partnership because of our combined passions in Dunfermline.

The two brands are linked through their humble beginnings, as a couple of local lads searching to make something that can be enjoyed by many.

Club93 Clothing is an independent online label, based in the historic capital. What we have in common is that we are amateurs striving to be unique in our respective spheres; which is difficult.

What makes us proud is our homegrown status. They are looking to work with artists and independent labels, aiding them in providing a platform to sell their music. We are aiming to supply a fan service as a conduit between the club, media, and the fanbase. Giving unbiased coverage about the football team that we all love. Joining with Club93 Clothing has shown that we can collaborate with local businesses to improve our standard of podcasting.

You can follow Club93 Clothing on Facebook and Instagram. You can also purchase their wears through their website.


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